SoS! Day 31: Obscure Fan Art

Hello, Neglected-senpai!

I did not forget about Summer of Senpai! Nothing really horrible has happened to me since starting Summer of Senpai but I did end up getting a tiny little bit busy and distracted. I still feel like I should have written something between the last entry and this one. Oh well, I’m not here to explain myself, just needed an introduction. Let’s get to that content! 👍

Here’s some obscure fan, warm up requests and raffle art of Seriously Senpai! What makes it obscure? A lot of criteria.

Firstly, we have a very nice sketch of Miley, drawn by Mifuzuku. This is probably the most “anime” any of my characters have ever gotten. A lot of care was taken on the hair details. Pretty cool!

Next up is Felicia by Fosh. She looks like she’s celebrating something! I like the only upper teeth look, very rare but works in this style.

It’s the original Miley-chibi by friend of the senpais, Xand. This is certainly more obscure than our Miley Birthday art that I have spammed you all with but only because I didn’t have the foresight of having her holding a sign. It’s still very good though and it’s fun that we have a Miley-chibi in her casual equipment.

Now THIS is obscure! It’s also the largest image in the universe! This is a character named Nectar, a bee made of honey. She’s either cosplaying or enrolling into Springsake High. Nectar was a character of Pandellax. Unfortunately, I don’t have any links because they went off the grid years ago. Should I put some bee girls in my story?

It’s Chloe in a cyclone of controllers! This one is by our own Lairis/PumpkinFriend, who did the CGs for Seriously Senpai! STAT!! It’s actually quiet an ancient one, having been done during the original CGs that were meant for the Yuri Jam version. I love the controller selection that Chloe is wrapped in here, because it’s very similar to my own. Lairis said that wasn’t intentional and it would actually be impossible if it was but I believe in miracles.

I don’t remember who drew this or know who this character is. I don’t even know if it was meant for me! Thanks!

That’s all I’ve got for now! As in, I don’t think any other fan art would qualify as obscure. But there is more fan art! Maybe I’ll post that for another Summer of Senpai! day. Or maybe I won’t! 👍

BTW. I recently joined the social network Bluesky. It’s pretty trash! My handle is which sure looks like URL and not a handle to me. I’m also running the official* Yuri feed over there, if you want the simulate the experience of janky Twitter but only the Yuri stuff.

* I’m allowed to make up claims.

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