Soft Launch!

Hello and welcome to the new Seriously Senpai Site!

If you’re reading this, chances are you are seeing it as part of a soft launch for this site. Things aren’t quite finished and there are many features left to implement but I thought it would be a good idea to not go fully live without some trial and feedback.

Site & Contact

This is the first website with low(ish) level server hosting and a dedicated domain that I have made in a little over a decade. It was my intent to hire someone skilled and experience to do most of the dirty work but unable to find the right person, I decided to do it my own and save some cash. And so, here we are and just a little over an entire year late! (At least it’s already on brand.)

I think I’ve made a respectable attempt and feedback has been good so far. Saying that, I suspect there will be some issues and bugs. If you are having troubles with anything or notice something amiss, it would be greatly appreciate if you let me know. We have a Contact Us form that you can send me an email through. You could also make comments below or you can always get a hold of me over on Discord in our official server. Just look for Devi#7357!

Purpose & Intention

My hopes for this site is for it to become a central hub of information for the Seriously Senpai series. I specify series because I have decided it is long past time that we started to peel back all of the needless secrecy on the details of what this is all even about. It once made more sense to save more things back for in-story surprises but given how long it has been since announcing the series, it’s no surprise this strategy has fizzled out the hype around the project! My goal here is to get those hype flames roaring again.

In the coming weeks, I will be adding sections that include a prelude to Seriously Senpai, character introductions and information on what will be happening in the two games of the series. When those sections are up and the site is in a more ready state, I will start promoting it more broadly and do an official grand opening. Around then, I also plan to finally publicly reveal designs of our central character, Sara Sites! There are a very small number of you that have seen her already and I appreciate the nearly universal positive feedback we have gotten so far!

As far as what I intend to post here on the regular, I’m going to put a lot of effort in trying to keep things focused and a swift read. You can expect concept and promotional art, musings and thought processes on creating the world of Seriously Senpai and details about what to expect from the games.

I won’t be clogging things up with technical details of my coding or overly personal talk. I know the interest is very limited in those things and that I haven’t always done a good job separating myself and the brand. I plan to start a secondary blog as both an personal outlet for such things and a cutting room for what I decide doesn’t quite fit here. That blog won’t be actively promoted but findable.

That aside, if this very post here ends up being my longest I do here, I will be happy.

Updates & Gratitude

I’d like to give a quick update on things but first I want to say another thank you to everyone who has supported us for so long, so patiently. Whether it be financially or just expressed interest and encouragement, I am so grateful to you. It is not an exaggeration to say all of you are in large part why I want to make this series, these games and get them out for everyone to play and enjoy. You are all the most Seriously of the Senpais!

As most of you probably know, last year we sent out refunds for our Indiegogo fundraising. Someday, I might get more into the thought process of that decision on that personal blog that I mentioned above. I know some of you didn’t really understand why we did that or why we needed that money back at the time but not now. The short answer and important thing to know for 2023 is that the long delays of the game has had one benefit, in that it has given me time to rebuild that what we raised on Indiegogo with my own savings.

That said, you will notice below blog posts that I am linking to my Ko-fi account. You can consider this a tip jar for anything you enjoy seeing here, if you so wish. In the past with the Indiegogo and running a Patreon, the pressure of putting out consistent updates or content has been difficult to manage or live up to by my own standards. With that in mind, the Ko-fi does not currently include any promises of exclusive extra content or rewards, only my word that I try to do right people who help me when I can. As a strictly for gratitude service, if I can partially pay for the hosting expenses of this site, I would consider that a huge win.

Conclusion & Launch

I hope you will enjoy the site and check back in for the new content that will be put out in the coming months. I am looking forward to getting things rolling again and talking to all of you. Don’t be shy and feel free to leave a comment below!

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